Pesuliisu wooden clothes airers and laundry care products. 

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It all started in 2017. Pesuliisu was born from need to solve household problems in a small apartment in Pärnu. Plastic and metal laundry drying racks found in stores took up too much space and were unpleasing to the eye, so better design was needed. Our products help to store, dry and air laundry in small spaces. Now Pesuliisu has grown to be brand that offers handmade household products inspired by the Nordic way of life. All our products are handmade in a small local workshop aiming for zero waste concept. Pesuliisu products are inspired by Estonian nature and the main product material is natural birch - light and strong local wood, which have the best growing conditions in the areas here. In addition to the thoughtful design, we aim to offer reliable quality. 

Pesuliisu – small footprint, clever design.